Oplossing te kort JAVA ontwikkelaars

At present, the ICT labor market is heavily strained

And there is an increasing shortage of available highly educated ICT ers and especially programmers.

Research from one of the largest web sites in the Netherlands and the CBS shows that even with the supply from schools, demand for programmers in all regions of the Netherlands will only increase.

Asking what additional programming knowledge is needed
Organizations in the Netherlands show that Java is 30% the most popular.
  • – We want to contribute to solving this scarcity problem.
  • – We do not shift any problems but solve them.
  • – We guarantee a successful influx of Junior / Medior Programmers (also the retraining and deployment of own employees for your own organization is possible) according to your wishes and requirements, with virtually any organization.

Interest contact us!


Tel .: 0402055020

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